Thursday, November 20, 2008

Visiting The Mother Ship

Freeport, Maine - the home of LL Bean.

We arrived at Freeport around 5 pm and it was dark already.  The streets are filled with Outlet Shops.  It's not a standard mall layout but more like shopping on Main Street USA except all the stores are outlet stores.

The LL Bean group of stores consists of a giant regular price retail store and an outlet store directly across.  There are LL Bean specialty shops (like hunting or fishing) scattered in between.

(The LL Bean flagship store in Freeport Maine)

(Bust of Leon Leonwood Bean, founder of LL Bean)

(The famous LL Bean tote bag in a jaunty stripe and zipper top)

I'm not really into LL Bean clothes, although they are well made and last forever.  I am into their tote bags, which are also well made.  The outlet carried a wide variety and you can even take them to the regular store and have them monogrammed.  Sweet!

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