Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Exploring Bar Food in Boston.

Someday, I'd like to do an entry just on the bar food that is available in Boston. Boston has a lot of Pubs and Bars, some of which are really old venerable establishments with a wide variety of food that is served along with the myriad beers that are made in Boston (Samuel Adams comes to mind).

Emmets is located on a quiet street and is a typical Irish Pub with wooden panels and "Ye Olde Victoriana" decor.
It has a very inviting storefront, a welcoming atmosphere and friendly service.

The food is fairly simple with some wonderful surprises like mussels and other local seafood. The menu is peppered with old favorites such as burgers and chicken wings listed alongside curry, spring rolls and quesadillas without feeling TGIFridays.

5  Turkey Club with Fries

5  Mussels in Garlic and White Wine

Emmets is on 6 Beacon Street, Beacon Hill, Boston.

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