Sunday, November 9, 2008

Legal Seafood Boston

All the seafood that's fit to eat.

Legal Seafoods seems to be an appropriate name due to it's very stringent standard for serving the freshest seafood available. But actually, it was named after patriarch Harry Berkowitz's "Legal Cash Market", the precursor of the restaurants.

The restaurant was actually more of a fish market that cooked the fish you bought and now it's a dine-in restaurant and one of the best seafood restaurants in Boston.

5  Dining room at Legal Seafoods, Copley Place

They expanded a lot in the 90's and now have locations up and down the east coast.

5  Haddock with Thai Red Curry Sauce

I had the Grilled Haddock with Red Thai Curry Sauce.  Considering that haddock is very bland, it was  nicely seasoned (a little mild for me, though).  The Thai Red Curry Sauce tasted like it came out of a bottle (it probably did!).  I also had the popcorn shrimp (inhaled it before I could take a picture) which was enjoyable.

5  Lobster and clambake dinner

They also ship complete lobster meals across the state including the pot to boil the lobster in.

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