Sunday, November 2, 2008

Part Two: West Holly-weenie 2008

Poli-tickle follies.

Politics was a big theme this year.

Here's the Barack-the-Vote group:

Some people dramatized the California propositions also in the ballot for the elections.  Prop 8 bans gay marriages in California:

Prop 2 is about stopping cruelty to animals bred for food:

Barack was very popular, this version was particularly cute:
5  Watch that other hand, Obama!

This was a weird take on Hillary. I'm still trying to figure it out:

I was surprised there wern't more Sarah Palins.  It took some time before I ran into this incarnation:

And of course - Larry the Plumber!

Everybody wants to be President!  This one is from the Smurf Party:

As always, the protesters.  This year they were surrounded by a phalanx of sheriffs:

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