Thursday, November 20, 2008


Cheap eats in Portland, Maine.

Passing through Portland, we found ourselves in the tourist-y area of Commercial Street. It's a mix of grimy bar and grills, moderate restaurants and nice looking shops as well as the usual seafood restaurants by the water.

Given that, I was expecting all sorts of tourist traps. Then we ran into Andy's Old Port Pub. Andy's is a bar and grill with what looks to be a happening bar in the evening with live musical entertainment.

(Andy's Old Port Pub)

(Catfish with Beans and Rice)

They were offering $5 specials which included one item (from a special menu) plus beer or soda.  I picked catfish with beans and rice plus a diet Coke.  Not bad, the portion was small but just right for the middle of the afternoon.

(Whoopie Pie!)

I finished the meal by going across the street to Portland Coffee Roasting Company and had my first taste of a Whoopie Pie.  It's basically a large fat Oreo cookie and comes in several varieties.  I had Chocolate with mocha filling. Yum!

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