Sunday, November 2, 2008

Part Four: West Holly-weenie 2008

The Creative and The Originals.

My favorite part are the people who build upon a concept or come up with something completely different and fun.

Here's an attempt at being a Blue Man Group trouper.  Unfortunately, he ran out of blue paint so we did not get to see his blue balls:

The trannies were out in force, as always:

Harajuku girls come in regular and jumbo size:

Butt pirates!  This is how the gays do pirates - impeccable fabrication and carefully studied aesthetics:

Refugee from New Orleans Mardi Gras:

The fifties housewife.  I guess all that multi-tasking, Miltown tranquilizers and vodka martinis finally drove her to vacuum the streets on her way to a bake sale:


There was a number of Mayan/Aztec dancers. This one looks authentic:

And this is the Cher version:

Most clever costume of the evening is Boy On A Swing.  Took a while to figure out the "trick":

And how weird is this - SwingBoy, Aunt Jemima and Barack!

Best ensemble costume goes to Tranny Air!

They came with their own refreshment cart....

.....and ground crew!  

This is how my evening ended....

That's one big greasy 12-inch piece-a-meat!

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