Friday, April 25, 2008

Gone Fishing.

Alaskan Cruise on Sunday - April 27!

We'll be cruising the inside passage. It's the first cruise of the season so it will be COLD and WET. Hope the bears, salmon, whales and dolphins come out to say hi! We will be on the Norwegian STAR (named after ME, not Star Jones). Travelogue to follow.
Photo and screencap:

Saturday, April 19, 2008


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Monday, April 14, 2008

Switzer Falls

So, our friend, Ariel, invites us to go on this hike weeks ago. He said it'll be an easy hike about 4 miles roundtrip and it ends with a waterfall and swimming hole!

Well, it just so happened that L.A. hit 105 ºF on the day of the hike.

And it was not an easy hike. At all.

But still fun!

Switzer falls is in the Angeles National Forest just outside of L.A. The whole forest is dotted with hiking trails like this and usually includes creeks and views of waterfalls.

The hike starts out easy enough with some pretty scenery and hiking along a creek:

Here's Neil crossing a creek. I lost count after 8 crossings:

Then, you have to scale a mountain.

There is a trail about 2 feet wide.

One side is the mountain and the other side is a GORGE!

It gets especially hairy when there's a blind corner and people are coming in the opposite direction. With their DOGS!

This is the view from the top:

Then you make your way down and see Switzer falls. (Click to Enlarge)

OK, so it's not Victoria Falls.

The swimming hole is at the top of the falls
(you can actually slide down the falls - if you dare! Some people certainly did!). The toughest part is making your way back to the car.

Where's the limo service when you need it!