Friday, November 7, 2008

Suite 706

The suite life at the Omni Parker House Boston.

Having taken the red-eye to Boston, we knew we were arriving early but forgot that clocks go back that evening so our 6:45am arrival was actually 5:15 (oh, and we had speedy the pilot who cut 30 minutes form the flight time).

I was assigned a suite but since it was early, we were placed in a Deluxe Room as our "holding cell".  Having seen both the suite and the Deluxe Room, Suite is definitely the way to go when staying at the Omni since the Deluxe is way too small for comfort.  

5  Suite 706 is a queen bedroom suite also known as the Adams suite.

5  It has it's own private hallway.  Door to the left can be the maid's quarters (not included in our rate so it was non-functional), Middle door is main entrance and Right Door is direct entry into the bedroom.

5  Just to make sure you don't forget the provenance of the suite, commemorative plaques are on the main entry door.  It was named after the 2nd President of the United States, John Adams and First Lady, Abigail Adams. Also known as the parents of John Quincy Adams (also a U.S. President).
5  The spacious sitting room

5  Desk area and entry to bedroom

5  Queen size bed

5  Teeny-tiny bathroom

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