Friday, November 21, 2008


The lighthouses of Maine.

Maine is  a treasure trove of lighthouses with more than 60 lining it's coast.  Looking back, we did miss a couple along the way.

(Portland Head Light)

The most photographed lighthouse in the world is Maine's oldest lighthouse called the Portland Head Light. It's located in a park where you can take food and picnic. It's also one of the few that you can see up close and personal and has a museum which appears to be closed for the season by the time we got there.

(The wreck of the Annie Maguire at the Porland Head Light)

There is a wreck of an old ship just off to the side of the lighthouse. (Just how effective is this lighthouse?) Maine's coast is very rocky so the lighthouses are an absolute essential to ships navigating along the coast.

(Two Lights Light House)

Very close by to the Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth is the Two Lights lighthouse.  It's called Two Lights because there used to be two of these almost next to each other.  Like a matched set!  Except,  I think the other one was put out of commission.  I believe this one standing is made of cast iron and is privately owned so you can only view it from afar.

This light house was painted by the artist Edward Hopper and was the first light house featured in a US Postage Stamp.

(Nubble Light House in York, Maine)

The most dramatic lighthouse we saw was the Nubble Light in York, Maine.  It was a very stormy late afternoon when I snapped the photos.

(Me in front of the Nubble Light House)

As you can see, the light is pretty visible through the bad weather.

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