Friday, May 22, 2009

My Way

Makio Hasuike and MH WAY.

Makio Hasuike is a Milan based designer of Japanese descent (I think!). He first started designing portfolios for artists, designers and architects back in the eighties.

Now he has a whole line of bags and accessories that are functional, innovative and unique pieces you would be proud to own.

The store on Corso Magenta is small, concise and compact. You will not be able to resist to pick up a couple of things. I certainly didn't!


(The LIBRO line)

The first thing that caught my eye is the LIBRO line. It is essentially zipper pouches in varying size and construction that you can assemble together into an urban bag by means of a "ring-strap". I thought this was very clever and very affordable at about $30. Makio uses a lot of synthetic earth-friendly materials and uses leather sparingly (usually as trim).


(Buccia Briefcase)

The Buccia line is inspired by peeling fruit. Laid flat, it remains unassuming until it is zipped up. Then, it achieves shape and volume to become a functional well designed bag. Unzipped, it stores flat and easily stowed.

(Buccia Large Briefcase)


(Model ZP1 - Simple Briefcase)

Continuing with his fascination with zippers, the zip line features a zipper that outlines the shape of the briefcase - including the handle! It is very light and comfortable. I use this to go on interviews and store my portfolio in it.

(Model ZP1 - Simple Briefcase Handle Detail)

A small magnetic leather "flap" creates a comfortable grip at the handle.

MH Way is also credited with a lot of other innovations including fabric moulding which is now ubiquitous in those cheap luggage you get in small side streets everywhere. He still has more designs and innovations up his sleeve and I think it's only a matter of time before a Target or other mass market retailer gets their hands on this genius.