Monday, May 26, 2008

Birthday Dinner #2

After all the unpleasantness of the disappearing birthday cake, we were given a "make-up" dinner at Cagney's by the Norwegian Star's Restaurant Manager, Adine. We received very attentive service and the staff is very proud of their restaurant.

Cagney's is the steak house and is located on the uppermost deck next to the Star bar. (Actually, the Star Bar is one of the quieter bars, if you need to get away from frenzied cruisers and crowds).

We had some appetizers:
Left: Oysters Rockefeller, Right are Crab Cakes

The main course steaks:
On the left is Rib Eye and on the right is filet mignon.

And finally, the birthday cake presented by the maitre'd and waitstaff!

And how was the food? of our cruisemates best described it as "cruise food", which is to say, it's OK but not spectacular or does not live up to the hype. Neil's Filet Mignon was a little tough for medium well. Steak-wise, in our book it's right below OUTBACK.

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