Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Prince Rupert

The roughest part of the trip was on the way to Prince Rupert. It was a day and a half at sea. The waters were very rough, as in rocking and banging. Brings a whole new meaning to Rock and Roll!

We arrived Prince Rupert on a rainy afternoon and we only had a couple of hours to spare so we did not bother to book a shore excursion although there are many to choose from.

There was a small group of buildings that had shopping and a local artists showcase and if you walk up the hill, there is some sort of government building and a Safeway, where we replenished supplies for the return trip to Seattle.

Along the way, we ran into a crowd having photo-op with two Canadian mounties.

The Filipino staff takes this opportunity to make calls to home. This was common at every stop. It must be really difficult to be separated from their families so I can have a wonderful cruise experience. Looks like Calling cards make excellent tips to your favorite server/attendant!

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