Sunday, May 11, 2008

Welcome Aboard!

Meet the Norwegian Star. Built in 1998 at the cost of nearly US$500 million.

This is the first cruise ship to hit Alaska in 2008. The ship does the Mexican Riviera Cruise in the winter and it travelled from Los Angeles to Vancouver to pick us up and take us to the Alaska Inside Passage and Sawyer Glacier.

Norwegian Cruise Lines already sent an advance party to the ports to see if the shops are open and check which shore excursions and activities are moving forward. Other than that, we do not know what to expect. Exciting!


Anonymous said...

Hey there. My husband and I are taking the Alaska cruise on the Norwegian Star the last week in May, so it was cool to see this. I hope you can blog soon to tell us all about the trip. How was the weather...warm, cool or cold!? How was the food on board? How were the shows? How were the side trips?
This will be our first cruise so we are excited.

VRG said...

Stay Tuned! There's more coming as soon as I get through the photos (all 900 of them!). Here's a tip, if you have a digital camera, bring lots of memory chips! It's also best to have two cameras. You're hubby might have a point of view that may surprise you!

Anonymous said...

Hey, my husband and I are back from our cruse on the Star and we had an AWESOME time. Thank you for your insights. We saw lots of whales breaching, lots of bald eagles and went on the Dangerous Catch crab boat. The ship was great, and it helped to get your tip about the dial on the room number for making up the room, etc. Thanks again. Rickie