Tuesday, May 13, 2008

On Board Entertainment

The entertainment is better as far as cruise ship entertainment goes. Below is the Jean Ann Ryan Dance Company.

Below left is Ricky the Cruise Director and two more dancers from the Jean Ann Ryan Dance Company.

They also had a magician named Murray who is supposed to be in
VH-1's Celebrecadabra. He's the one with the blond, spiky andy warholesque hair. His show sucked. Well, maybe not all of it? Uhmmm.. nope, he sucked. I won't even bother posting a picture. HIs primary shtick is making CD's appear and re-appear. Hey, Murray - ever heard of iTunes?

Best entertainment was the Manila Trio who performed in the Atrium every afternoon. They played pop and classical tunes on Piano, Flute and Violin.

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