Thursday, April 16, 2009

Viaggio a Milano

A recessionista takes on Milan.

“How can we go, we haven't got a dime? But we're going, and we're gonna have a happy time!”

My friend and benefactor suggested we go to Milan for my birthday. He picked the most favorable dates based on an ancient Chinese calendar. That's when I quoted him the aforementioned lines from an old Carmen Miranda and Andrews Sister's song.

With my business reeling from the effects of the American recession, I certainly had the time but very little means to get my ass and my standard-issue 40 pieces of luggage to Milan for a week at the financial and fashion capital of Italy (read “shopping”).

Well, I'm not exactly sure how “The Secret” works but apparently, the universe wanted me to go to Milan as well, so, armed with my old expiring airline points with additional points supplied by my benefactor, it worked out nicely. 

I was given a budget for a hotel, and while it certainly was not enough for the Le Meridien, Bulgari, Principe Savoia or the Westin Palace, I located a nice family owned hotel right by the Public Gardens. By all accounts it looked tacky, but hey, I'm getting my ass to Milan and I'm not complaining!

And we're off!

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Cosmo said...

Woohoo! Go Law of Attraction!