Saturday, April 18, 2009

Barbie for Kartell

Plastic meets fantastic.

I came across this by accident since the Kartell flagship store was around the corner from our hotel in Milan.

It was Kartell's 60th anniversary and Barbie's 50th so the two icons of plastic came together and came up with the Barbie line for Kartell (purveyor of the famous Ghost chair among others).

(Kartell Flagship, Via Turati, Milan)

There were some Italian design celebrities at the opening who I was not familiar with (how sad).

(Kartell Event Lounge)

They set up a lounge outside the store for the opening event. This was right before the big Milan Furniture Show.

(Barbie Ghost chair, Barbie Charles stool, and Bougie lamp)

They created a special edition pink Barbie Ghost Chair with a vintage sketch of Barbie on the seat back and a special edition PINK Bourgie lamp.

(Barbie Ghost Chair)

(Barbie Girl in her Barbie World)

They also had window displays with life-size Barbies wearing vintage Moschino set among other Kartell iconic furniture.

(Skipper with Gnome table)

(Barbie with green Charles stool. normaluisa flats are on the green rolling cart)

(Barbie with original Ghost Chair)

(Barbie with Mademoiselle Chair & normaluisa flats on the blue cubes)

(Barbie's Pink Fiat)

They also had a Barbie Pink Fiat parked outside the store. I would have driven off with it but I don't drive shtick!

(Barbie Pink Fiat)

(Pink Shoes)

One of the guest was wearing her Barbie Pink shoes with her LBD. The Kartell store also sold pink and white plastic ballerina flats by normaluisa, available exclusively only at the Kartell flagship store in Via Turati, Milan.

(Barbie inspired shopping ensemble)

Later, I hit the recessionista and OFW shopping haven - Via Corso Buenos Aires with my Barbie inspired pink shirt and pink bag shopping tote.

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Irina said...

looks light, soft and charm, as glamour furniture.
Anyway it's beyond any comparison with Conran's Matador armchair