Sunday, April 19, 2009

Luini Panzerotti

Recessionista dining in Milan.

One of the delicacies that Milan is famous for is the Panzerotto. This is not originally from Milan but has gained such popularity that the Mayor has given it the Municipal seal of approval.  This delicacy is also now popularly identified with Milan.

The place has long lines but they go fast.  It's best to know what you want before you hit the counter but, if you are like a deer caught in headlights once you reach the counter, you'll probably be OK taking a chance on any selection.

The panzerotto (panzerotti is plural)  is essentially dougnut dough filled with an assortment of fillings (prosciutto & cheese, spinach & ricotta, salami & cheese, spicy cheese - my fave!), then the whole thing is deep fried.  

It did not taste greasy at all, sort of like a fried pizza.  At around €3 apiece, this could be one of the cheapest meals you will have in Milan!

It also comes in a sweet version.  I tried the chocolate and orange and pretty much stuck to this flavor for the rest of the trip.  In this case, the dough is more of a shortbread cookie dough.  Deeelish!
Luini is located on a small street behind the Duomo close to the upscale department store, La Rinascente.

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