Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Next Best Thing

In praise of the potty topper.

This is the coolest thing for using public bathrooms.
It was actually created for lil' kids but adult asses can use this too.

I was going to steal some of those flimsy paper toilet seat covers at Starbucks for an upcoming trip until I ran into these potty topper seat covers.

It's Genius!

It;s not GREEN, though....

This is the underside. It's coated with a thin film of plastic.

There are also two sticky things to keep the cover in place while you struggle to make a deposit.

These are not flushable, so save yourself the embarrassment of overflow by trashing this on your way out.

The top side is some sort of sueded paper to carress and comfort your bottom. It is printed with a pleasant pattern to put you in the mood.

Shown above is the Disney Princess pattern. I heard there was a DORA the Explorer version. There is nothing I want more than to sit on Dora's face.

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