Saturday, June 21, 2008


We went to a fudge factory in Juneau. The Alaskan Fudge Company!

They make the fudge on premises.

They have a lot of varieties and it was very tasty. Just a word of warning - the first ingredient in fudge is SUGAR.

I got these in Ketchikan (Alaska) because I thought the logo was cute. Sort of a take on the Candies Shoes logo:

Too bad the chocolates didn't taste much better than Candies Shoes. To be more specific, the chocolate was tough and didn't have that crumbly goodness after the initial crack-of-the-bite. I suspect these were leftover from last season.

I bought a bunch of candies that are available in Canada.

Bueno is pretty good and also Cadbury's Mister Big. They have a KitKat and Reese's variations which I have not seen in the States - yet. I dunno what the appeal is with Aero. It's OK, I guess.

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