Tuesday, June 10, 2008


From Prince Rupert, we arrive in Seattle on a rainy Saturday morning. The dock is walking distance to Seattle attractions like the needle and Pike Place market.

We participated in the BAGS program and had all the luggage checked-in at the airport ahead of us, which left us with our carry-ons to lug around Seattle for a few hours before we proceeded to the airport to catch our afternoon flight to Los Angeles.

We were docked very close to the Edgewater Hotel (above) where the Beatles stayed in Seattle and had that famous photo taken of them with their heads sticking out from their room. You know which one I'm talkin'about.

We decided to go to Pike Place market to visit the birthplace of Starbucks coffee. They just started to re-use their original logo of the very controversial double-tailed mermaid with the exposed titties.

The Seattle Art Museum (aka SAM) was very convenient because we could check in the carry-on's at the door while we looked at some art. After a quick lunch at the Museum Coffee Shop (called SAM Taste–see next entry), we took a cab and went home.

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