Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tresor - What?

Love Kate Winslet....Love Peter Lindbergh (director).... but WTF!!!

This is the most cliched and sappy commercial I've seen in years! ( I think the last sappy one I saw was a Johnson's baby oil commercial).

C'mon! Really! Runnning on a bridge in the middle of Paris! Doesn't she have an appointment at Chanel or Galliano? What's with the "my heart is so full and brimming with love" look on her face? Save that look for the glass cases at Cartier, KATIE! Jeez!

Kate running on a bridge with an UZI and gunning down the male intruder - much more interesting. I may sound cynical but this commercial is a waste of romance and time. It looks like a downgraded version of the Chanel/Nicole Kidman spots.


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