Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Chocolate Story

About a year ago, when I was working for a "premium" denim company (which shall remain nameless), I arrived at my workstation one morning in December to find a package of chocolates on my desk. A gift from a vendor, much like the one pictured above. More precisely, it was Costco's Kirkland brand of chocolates. Hey, I'm not a chocolate snob. If it has 1% chocolate, I'll eat it! Which is exactly what I did. Not only that, I cavalierly shared it with people around me. Mangia! Mangia! It's the Holidays!

After a few minutes of feeling good and making others feel good, and about half a box of chocolates later, someone approaches me and informs me that all gifts from vendors were to be forwarded to the CEO. WTF?!?!! Apparently, it was company policy to forward all gifts from vendors to the CEO with all sorts of fines and penalties including but not limited to public humiliation, maiming, torture and - gasp! - dismissal! (OK, so I exaggerate)

In a panic, I contact HR to inform them about the faux pas, reminding them that it was "half-eaten". The verdict? SEND IT DOWN ANYWAY. Once again - WTF?!?!!!

So, I took one last bite and sent it down. Come to think of it, I really should have sent down an empty box! I never saw my box of chocolates again. I can only imagine the box being re-gifted to some poor unsuspecting soul who discovers a box filled with empty paper doilies!!!

Anyway, my friends and yours truly have been making up for the indignity and injustice ever since.

I discovered this one in the Philippines which I am just crazy about. They are bite size sorta like bite size Kit Kats - BUT BETTER!

The one below, I discovered at the local grocery. I'm already familiar with the Ferrero Rochers (which is responsible for at least 6 inches of fat around my waist!). These are exactly like Rochers but made with dark dark dark chocolate. Deee-lish! I tried to sample it in the car on my way home, as you can see, again - no self control!!! The only thing is they sprinkled the outside of the chocolate with dark chocolate granules that fall allover the place which makes it a little bit messy to eat, but!!!

Bon Appetit!

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