Saturday, November 3, 2007

West Holly-weenie! Part Deux

More costumes from the parade:
(Clilck on Photo for expanded view)

There's always a Madonna and a Cyndi Lauper. And this year, it was Madonna as seen in the MTV Awards in 18th century regalia complete with 2 backup danseuses. The pink damask on the pirate was absolutely gorgeous, and hey - It's PINK!

Chiquita banana. The Robin just happened to be standing next to the Andy Warhol Soup Can. He must have been hungry...

First Aid Station. Too bad there were no Filipina Nurses from Cedars Sinai with Teri Hatcher!

Typical Gorefest look.

Food! The food stalls were busy. This was the Brazilian Currascaria stall complete with a hunky Brazilian. Check out the meat!

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