Saturday, September 29, 2007

Eating Singapore Part 2

It's official!! I gained at least 5 pounds!!!

Above: NASI GORENG at White Rose. The rice was crammed with shrimp and squid and it came with some pork satay. Just the right thing at 11pm. Deee-lish!

Above: TORI-Q. A take on Japanese Yakitori. The combo contains Chicken Balls (chicken meatballs, silly!), barbecued chicken and pork - all served on a stick on top of rice seasoned with seaweed and japanese spices.

Above: BREAD PITT!!! (Brad Pitt - get it?) Gimme them HOT BUNS!!! On the right is Korean Steaming Hot Spicy Beef Soup at Food Emporium, Raffles City.

Above: Breakfast at the Singapore Changi Airport and breakfast as served aboard Silk Air.

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