Saturday, September 29, 2007

Eating Singapore Part 1

I remember visiting Singapore in 1979 and our host (Swee Ling, her name was) brought us to a parking lot where hawkers came in at night and sold food. The big thing were Satays. At first I thought, "How tacky to be taking me to a parking lot for dinner!" But the food (and the experience) was great.

Which brings us to Food Republic. Food Republic brings the hawkers market experience into the realm of the food court. You can get food at each stall for $5-$8 and there are 14 stalls and some restaurants as well. It's a great way to sample the cuisine of the region and I ended up sampling 2 to 3 stalls/restaurants at a time.

This is the Food Republic at Wisma Atria, Orchard Road. (There are other locations)

Above: On the left is the famous Hainanese Chicken Rice from Sergeants. Don't crucify me, but my reaction to this dish was "eh". Give me Zankou Chicken anytime! The second plate (right) is I think Indonesian from Sambal Chilli. They put some parchment on a wooden plate and spoon this gorgeous food on it. Yumm!

Above:On the left is OYSTER OMELLETE! Something about those pieces of Oyster bursting in your mouth and merging with the egg omelette just spells heaven! And of course I had to sample the DimSum (right).

Above:On the left is Indian Chicken Masala and on the right is what I took for "Relief of Wind and Indigestion"

This shows the unique group of nationalities and cultural influences that make up Singapore. So where's the Philippine food? Across the street at Lucky Plaza!

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