Friday, September 7, 2007


As you can see - 50% OFF! 50% OFF! 50% OFF!

So, being the devout disciple of the shopping gods that I am, I dutifully rummaged, shoved, clawed my way into the bargains at SM Makati*.

So what do you do when at 12 noon, they start reciting the Oracion (Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be etc. etc.)??? People actually stopped dead in their tracks and prayed along. I'm surprised no one dropped to their knees with outstretched arms praying for bargains. I actually stopped and bowed my head. (OK, I was actually texting my brother, but still!)

*That's ShoeMart to all you "foreigners" out there. ShoeMart, as you may have guessed, started out selling shoes. They used to have a unique way of shoe retailing which involved the shopper picking up a style and taking it to a "caller" who called out the style number and shoe size on a loudspeaker to a mysterious warehouse-in-the-sky, where your selected pair magically drops for you to try on. I'm sure this used to be a leisurely endeavour, especially for the caller, but as the popularity of the store and shoppers increased, the caller evolved into a Motormouth Mary and it was quite amazing to hear her incantate all those numbers.

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