Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Elizabeth Hotel

Signs of a not-so-great hotel.

The signage:

When you see floral arrangements like these, it might not be a great hotel.

This was the height of clock radio cutting edge technology - in 1981.

When the lobby floor looks like the marble sampler at your local home depot, might not be a great hotel.

When the featured restaurant is a pizza joint, might not be a great hotel.

The art above the toilet tank looks like something one of the guests left behind.

The beds look ok.

Also, when the description is peppered with "charming", that's code for dated and rundown like your maiden aunt.

This was the third bedroom they gave me. At least it did not have that hideous floral bedspread like the other two rooms.
Here is the conversation between me and the front desk:

Me: Can you give me another room?
FD: What's wrong with that one?
Me: It's....just crappy.
FD: What exactly is wrong with it?
Me: It wasn't what I was expected. (In my head I'm screaming - LOOK AT ME!!! LOOK AT THIS ROOM!!! IT'S JUST WRONG!!!!)

I have a meeting with the tour operator tomorrow.

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