Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Wayfarers Chapel

Going to the chapel and getting married.

I recently attended a small wedding at the Wayfarer's Chapel in Palos Verdes, California. And no, it wasn't my wedding!

The chapel is small and very romantic and set against a backdrop of trees and a view of the Pacific Ocean. It reminds me a lot of San Francisco.
The chapel was envisioned by Elizabeth Schellenberg of the Swedenborgian church as a respite for wayfarers traveling through the Palos Verdes peninsula. Can you say Schellenberg's Swedenborgian Smorgasbörd three times fast?

Lloyd Wright (son of Frank Lloyd Wright) was commissioned to design the chapel. He was inspired by the redwood trees he saw on a trip to Northern California.
5 The chapel itself is surrounded by redwood trees designed to grow around the chapel with the glass defining the sacred space within.

5  Lloyd Wright's signature linear motifs dominate the interior construction.

5 The chapel was built in 1951 and the tower 
and reflecting pool were added later in 1954.

5  Entrance to the chapel.

5 The altar.

5  A silhouette view of the altar

5  The grounds provide a perfect backdrop for wedding photos.

5 A breathtaking evening view of the ocean.

If this got you in the mood to get married, you can find out more about the Wayfarer's chapel and it's history at their website.

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