Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Day At The Zoo

A day at the San Diego Zoo.



And bears.....

Oh my!
(Well, it's a polar bear - at least he's awake, the grizzlies were sleeping).

And then some Philippine Deer....

Deer 1: Lintek na Abu Sayyaf yan! Pati tayo nadali!
(Damned Abu Sayyaf, they kidnap deers too!)

Deer 2: I miss kamote.

Deer 3: I missed KC Concepcion's first movie.

Best part of the zoo is the skyrail.....

It's like riding a plastic bucket. Quite pleasant and exciting!

The whole day at the zoo was a blur for me. Going on a holiday weekend is a mistake. It took 30 minutes to get parking, running into strollers and ill-behaved children, impossible lines at the Panda exhibit (never got to see it), sleepy koalas (they're nocturnal pala), exhorbitant prices ($5 for water) and the heat!

The bears had the right idea - go in the cave and take a nap!

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