Thursday, September 18, 2008

OPM by Sascha

Filipino songs sung by a German banker.

Sascha is a German banker who learned how to speak tagalog from Rosetta Stone.

He travels a lot to the Philippines and Thailand (he sings Thai songs as well). I think he's absolutely cute. 

This is his best effort, APO's "Panalangin";

This is my favorite APO song, "Nakapagtataka". The eyebrows need a little trimming here:

Where did this come from? Boy Sullivan! This must have been an earlier attempt because the pronunciation is still funny (ini-in-GAT-in-GATAN!) I lurv that hoodie he's wearing.

Somebody write this guy some Filipino songs! I need to hear more!

1 comment:

VRG said...

Here's a word from Sascha:

WOW! Thx for writin bout me in your blog!!
Nagaaral ako ng tagalog kasi gusto ko ang wikang ito!
But i am at the very begining!
I visited the pinas three time already! The country is so different to germany, di ba. Ppl are so nice, always with a smile on their face.
The nature is awesome (Especially Palawan).
I luv the filipino food! My favorite is adobong baboy and humba!!
And of course...i like the music!

Next time i visit the pinas, i will visit WOWOWEE too! Willy of fortune.
And who knows....maybe he will let me sing Panalangin Eheheheheh

Thx agen