Thursday, January 3, 2008

Gino Hollander

From the Jerry McLaughlin collection.

Gino Hollander is an American artist who moved to Spain in the 60's. He is an abstract expressionist and his art is in the collections of Jackie Onassis, Oscar De La Renta and Queen Sophia of Spain.

The painting above was first acquired by Jerry in, of all places, Arkansas, only to find out that Gino has moved to Aspen (a short drive from Jerry's residence in Denver).

The painting below looks like it belongs in Tim Burton's movies. There is a splash of blue on the upper left. This is typical of Gino who mostly works in acrylics.

The painting above was acquired by Jerry on ebay. The artist was unidentified at the time but based on Jerry's knowledge of Gino's work and his friendship with Gino, he bought it and asked if it was indeed one of his works. It turns out that Gino had traded this painting for a designer dress for his wife when they were in New York. I am told this is the closest thing to a self-portrait that Gino has ever made (I just noticed that the previous paragraph mentions "Gino" 4 times. I'm gunna get a tongue-lashing from Jean Edades!). He also does not name his paintings. They usually have numbers.

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SquareBagel said...

How do I describe the images? Deep brooding. I would have to say it is hard to capture something so dark. Impressive Gino art. Is it possible to post my watercolor painting I did recently.