Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Print This!

(Above: Embossed Logo Print Wallet)

I haven't seen these prints in production but it's now out in the etnies website (www.etnies.com) for Spring 08!

I created these prints with Etnies Designers, Eunjoo Kim and James Duhamel (Josh Duhamel's cousin). This is the first thing I've done for them (that I've seen produced). It looks simple but there was a lot of geometry, math and tweaking involved.

(Above: Logo Print made into a Tee)

logo hoody
(Above: Logo Print Hoody)

Thunder Wallet
(Above: Thunderbolt Print Wallet)

Thunder Hoody
(Above: Thunderbolt Print Hoody)

All photos from etnies.com

1 comment:

SquareBagel said...

I love the wallet. Not Sure about the hoodie, too busy, looks like a tv screen on the fritz.