Friday, January 11, 2008

Viva, Monique!

Let me indulge in a little Philippine Pride and congratulate Monique Lhuillier on her new line of dinnerware for Royal Doulton. (Vera Wang has Wedgwood). Can you imagine if she landed Corelle or Lenox? Quelle horreur!

Notice the spread that Monique had laid out for her lovely guests. I think the caviar and blini are a bit pretentious. Why not some bagoong, pandesal, lumpia or pisi-pisi? And instead of strawberries, how about some mangoes or durian? And what party is complete without some adobo and the perennial party favorite "banana ketchup spaghetti"? And, Monique, sweetie, if you really wanna have fun with the girls, you should all run around in some of your couture wedding gowns and get really drunk and loud till the cops show up. Maybe break a couple of dishes (Vera Wang's).

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