Friday, August 1, 2008

Recent Acquisition - Gino Hollander

Presenting my latest acquisition.

I'm not sure as to the authenticity of this Gino Hollander painting since I got it on ebay. Plus, there was some damage during shipping (small crack on the back of the bull) but, the size is consistent with Gino's paintings of the period (24"x40"). This was allegedly painted May of 1964 on what looks like linen, which makes it even more delicate.

It's a picture of a dying bull, maybe during a corrida or bullfight. But Gino never titled any of his paintings (although the galleries often did for obvious reasons) so I just call it as I see it - a dying bull. this related to my mad-life crises?

To read more about Gino Hollander, here's my blog entry about the Jerry McLaughlin collection of Gino Hollander paintings.

There's also a film in the works about Gino Hollander and here's a preview. Just a word of warning, it's pretty long so prepare your butts people, it's gunna be a long preview:

Art and the Artist - Gino Hollander from Gino Hollander on Vimeo.

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