Monday, December 24, 2007

A Room With A View

Finally! After all those years staying at the Mark Hopkins Intercontinental San Francisco, we get a room with a view. After all those years staying at the "butt" part of the hotel - we've got a view! And a larger bathroom. It's a Christmas Miracle!

Below: Check out Grace Cathedral where Courtney Cox and David Arquette got married. (Well, not today.) Believe it or not they have a Peet's Coffee in the basement by the gift shop where Neil gets his coffee every morning. I guess the congregation needs to stay awake through those sermons!

Below: The island in the background is Alcatraz.

Jean-Francois (the GM) was so kind to send some fruit and chocolates. BTW, not to sound ungrateful, the chocolates were awful and went straight to the trash (well, most of it).

This hotel was built in 1926 on the site of Mark Hopkins' mansion. I believe MH was a railroad magnate. The original mansion itself was destoyed in the famous 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

The bedroom and sitting area. Not too crazy about the window treatments:

The bathroom:

The amenities. They placed the shower cap, q-tips, shoe cloth and cotton in a neat little box. The sewing kit was on the desk drawer, go figure.

The laundry bag was a surprise. Not cheap plastic but something like Tyvek with a heavy rope drawcord and a flagtag! FANCY!

The lobby all decked out for the holidays:

Well, the old girl is showing some wear and tear here and there but it's still the Mark Hopkins and it's still Fabulous!

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