Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Cowboy Christmas Card

A select few of you may have already received my special edition christmas card in one of four festive colors (collect them all!). If you haven't received it yet - Spoiler!

(If it's January 2008 and you haven't received a Christmas card from me, uhmmm...........ooops!)

Well, what possessed me to come up with such a western inspired "Holiday card"?

A. An affair with a strapping cowboy? (It could happen!)
B. My Little Pony?
C. Stepping on horse manure?

No, no and maybe.

Earlier this year I acquired this li'l item from Miss BARBRA STREISAND'S estate:

(Yes! From Barbra herself! It's authenticated and everything!)

What is it exactly? It's actually a Jean Paul Gaultier sheer blouse (size 2 - aha! now I see why she got rid of it!). It's made out of netting with lace inserts depicting a cowboy on a horse with a gun and the word "BANG!". This is how the French interpret the American West. I personally would've gone with "strip mall with pick-up truck parked in front" vignette.

It appears to be pristine with some stray hairs from either Miss Streisand's pubes or her dog, Samantha. I intend to harvest these hairs someday and clone Barbra's armpit (or the dog's butt - who knows?)

So there you have it! A li'l bit of Barbra - and me! - delivered right into your mailbox.

Have a good, safe holiday!

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