Sunday, October 28, 2007


Walter's turned 50 the day before we visited and appears to be housed in what used to be the former Balboa Thrift and Loan Building (the old sign is still outside) in downtown Claremont, California.

Stangely enough they have Afghanese (?) items on the menu, which is otherwise poopulated with your standard American fare with updates such as Ahi Tuna, Veggie burgers and such. It has mixed clientele and even more mixed reviews but our experience was mostly pleasant. They have a patio area and generally pleasing space and layout.

Above: Walter's menu cover and bar area.

Above: Neil had the grilled Salmon. Pretty standard and nicely presented. Good, not great.

Above: I had the burger with Afghan fries (Do request the chutney. The red chutney is spicy but good). Obviously not a heart healthy diet. The fries is deep fried in batter which made it tasty, greasy and completely munchable. The burger was a little dry, but luv the oval shape.

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