Sunday, October 28, 2007

Claremont, California

In the movie, Thomas Crown Affair (with Steve McQueen, not Pierce Brosnan), Tommy Crown is playing golf and predictably loses a sucker bet. His friend asks him why he would take a bet where he knew he was going to lose and his reply was - "What else can we do on Sunday?"

This was one of those Sundays where Neil and I asked ourselves the same question, and this was the answer.

Claremont is a small, picturesque upscale town east (waaaay east) of L.A. and Pasadena that houses colleges and pretty, small-town-Americana houses much like those seen in the movie "Meet Me In Saint Louis".

It was very quiet on Sunday so we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

Above: Claremont Train Station Clock Tower

Above: Claremont Train Station Interior and Exterior

Above: Claremont City Hall

Above: Vintage Jaguar

Above: I was actually surprised to find a violin maker in this necka-da-woods. Even more amazing is the Burberry (or Fauxberry?) Violin case.

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