Friday, July 25, 2008

Da Who is Creative Recreation?

(All photos from Creative Recreation's website)

I ran across this brand trying to look for those damned purple mocs that were featured in The Sartorialist.

Based on the name, it looked like a Chinese knock-off version of Modern Amusement. I'm not particularly happy with the logo. I think the wings were better appropriated by American Eagle Outfitters and Southwest Airlines. And the Avant Garde type looks a little euro-tired (as in "I'm all euro-ed out!").

The website describes the brand as created by "Two long time friends who were already enjoying a prosperous career in the footwear industry..."

And by "long time friends" do they mean that they spend a long time doing acrobatics in bed while licking every available orifice?

Anyway, they DO have some cute ones. I like the blue ones below. The color blocking reminds me of my old Enrico Coveri's which I only wore once or twice because at that age, my brain exploded if it had to deal with more than two or three colors at a time.

These leather sneakers look very elegant:

The male model on their website looks like one of the contestants in "America's Most Smartest Model". The styling on the other pictures also look very smart.

These look like 80's diadora:

(OK, that metal logo piece is beginning to look like those guardian angel pins the old ladies at church are wearing)

Speaking of the eighties, here's something to wear to your high school reunion:

And if you're old enough to remember the eighties, you'll probably want to dress your babies just like dad used to:

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