Friday, January 2, 2009

That Bad Eartha

Eartha Kitt, 1927-2008

I received the news of Eartha's death over Christmas Day lunch. I remember her most for singing Waray-Waray (which I heard was taught to her by Sylvia La Torre) and which she included in her concert repertoire up until her recent death. I was planning to see her concert in San Francisco in May of this year, but I guess not!

Speaking of Waray- Waray, here is what she says about the song and the most famous Waray of them all (excerpted from the CD, Eartha at the Cafe Carlyle):

"Now this is a song that I learned while I was travelling in the Philippine Islands. And my daughter and I used to stay with Mr. and Mrs. Marcos. And sometimes she would come here (in New York at the Cafe Carlyle) and she would sit somewhere in this area, and she would yell out - Eartha! Sing Waray-Waray! This was one of her favorite songs. But of course, she always insisted on singing right along with me!"

She will be missed!

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