Sunday, October 5, 2008

R&G Lounge

Incredible Chinese food in San Francisco's Chinatown.

There are plenty of mediocre, touristy and some plain dirty places to eat in San Francisco's Chinatown. To be honest, some of the better Chinese restaurants are in Clement Street. But, R&G Lounge is one of the few restaurants with excellent food and facilities that is perfect for dining with friends and family.

5 The bar at R&G
They've added a new bar on the street level. The restaurant remains popular and can get crowded,  so this is a nice area to hang around and wait for a table.

5  R&G Lounge Dining Area
The downstairs dining area is not very big as far as Chinese restaurants go. After all, it's not a dimsum place. They do serve dishes prepared with the ever elusive "XO Sauce".

5  Ginger and Onion Chicken
This time around, for lunch, we decide to try the ginger and onion chicken. While it is a far cry from it's Singaporean counterparts, it's still quite tasty. The main difference is they smother a ginger and green onion sauce over the steamed chicken. The sauce is quite good by itself.

5  Three Treasures
This is another dish I haven't tried here before called Three Treasures. The three treasures consist of tofu, eggplant and peppers stuffed with shrimp in a garlicky sauce.

There are plenty of other dishes to try (and I hope to try them soon!) but this combo was a nice light prelude to an afternoon of exploring San Francisco's Chinatown and it's neighbor, Little Italy.

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