Friday, August 31, 2007

What's Fer Lunch? Part 1

Abe at Serendra.

I finally had my first taste of Kare-Kare after (at least) a year! And let me just tell you it was great! Wish you were here!

Vic and I went to Abe (pronounced Abbey) at Serendra. It's a nice place owned by Larry Cruz (Cafe Adriatico). This was our second attempt to have lunch here and it was still crowded. To their credit, they did try to set up a 2-top table right by the reception area, which only made us look like your poor unwanted relatives you still have to feed but don't necessarily want to see. After two minutes of blocking the foot traffic and dealing with an overzealous air conditioner, we thought it best to just dine "al fresco".

Now let me just tell you, al fresco dining in the Philippines is less than romantic and atmospheric as you are probably used to. As soon as the food sets down, it's between you and the flies in 100 degree weather.

Along with the kare-kare we also had fried tilapia and lumpiang ubod. I've had better lumpia ubod, but overall a great meal.

And yes, I ate the fish head, eyeballs and all, and it was spectacular!

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